Red Liquid Mercury

Origin: Russia
The Hg2Sb2O7 liquid has no Radiation, can be used in the natural laboratory.
Chemical formula: Sb2O7Hg2 = 2Hg0 Sb2O3O2
Molecule: 200.6?2 2?121.8 7?16 = 756.8g/mol
Quality: Fluid
Purity: 99.9996%
Color: Cherry red
Density: 20/20
Melting point: -37.50C
Boiling point: 350.73C

Get a mythical red mercury liquid

Have you ever heard about the loudly lauded properties of red mercury? So many myths cast a shadow over this substance that people who are unfamiliar with it may even assume their guesses can be partially accurate. For a mercury liquid, the red color is just an addition of antimony oxide. The substance has neither hazardous nor unusual components that would make it life-threatening or capable of doing anything non-conventional to metals or other materials.

You may have come across this mercury version under the quicksilver name. But the only real thing in all those myths is that getting Hg2Sb2O7 in large quantities for your needs can be a tall order since it is unavailable for individuals and companies. You should research first to determine how and where to acquire the required volumes. 

But you are in the right place right now. A1 Researchers is a dependable liquid red mercury supplier capable of fulfilling any order for the quicksilver substance. All you need to do is press or tap the inquiry button and receive a reply at the estimated time.

We supply 99,99% pure liquid mercury that meets high toxicology, composition, and chemical compatibility standards. You can use it for specific purposes, such as in labs or business facilities that require this purity grade.

Pure red liquid mercury for chemical, medical, and manufacturing uses

While some may think of liquid mercury as something illegal, its properties make it irreplaceable industry-wise. The best example is the chemical sector, where it is applied for amalgamation. Beyond uniting different substances, the red liquid mercury for sale can add more options to your process to:

  • Put together batteries, lighting accessories, and high-energy devices
  • Experiment with or catalyze chemical changes required for the processes in your industry
  • Create pharmaceuticals or expand their existing range of properties
  • Extract metals from raw materials, including for gold extraction

These are only several applications of the red Hg2Sb2O7 substance. You can use it differently at your own risk.

Always consider the packaging. The chemical has to be transported and stored in leak-proof containers to prevent deterioration and eliminate the potential contact with people without protective equipment and knowledge of how to make their way around the substance.

No need to traverse the universe

Despite the mythical background, you do not have to chase mercury by flying to an exotic location. Wherever your facility is, you can buy red liquid mercury online from A1 Researchers. We use specific payment systems and accept BTC, but you should hit us up for clarification on our potential cooperation. You can do it via phone or our website messaging system.

We will ship this quicksilver version to you as a discreetly packaged chemical, so no one will ever discover what you’re buying. As for the red mercury liquid price, it is negotiable depending on the quantity you are going to order. Keep us informed about an estimated volume and desired grade. We will get back to you to discuss the details of your inquiry.

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